Thursday, September 15, 2022

Top 10 ptc sites best paid to click that pay in 2022

  Top  10 ptc sites best paid to click that pay in 2022

website to pay

  now a days  every one have a android phone in the 4G internet to used day to day life this time we are tell some new way to earn money with your home and students and part time job people are doing very ease to doing well, every person day some time spend  android in internet  used this way many websites are advertising the products in online grow the revenue.

 many companies are target the product used to key word based ads are running the  online ads this way  click to pay, promoting products in online many ways to reach the people website and blogger is make money with ad senses.

companies are promoting snooted ads,  social media and affiliate program to some amount of give the blogger and website owners, as normally person is earn money with internet  join the ptc websites to click to earn money simple way to earn money.

ptc website is easy to ern money this are no working skills. are used this work only click to the ads to earn money with tasks , this websites to only work big website and best reviews website to login to  apply the your name to get tack earn money.

see her ptc websites:

1. clixsense

this website is started 2007 year this is very largest and best paid to click site, every day some tasks to register users to the click to the ads link the day tasks to earn money this are easy to with draw pay pal  and transfer the bank account.

this clixsense website is many surveys are conducting the visitors, some micro tasks and shopping the products to ern money this are minimum pay is 5 to 10$ many methods.

2. neobux 

neobux website is one of the best pay per click to earn money, this ptc website to try the best one ad good day tasks to provide and good mount of money is earn the neobux website. every  click  amount o money is minimum paid one dollar to 10 dollar earn to transform the your paypal and bank account  send money.

3. Scarlet clicks 

this is scarlet clicks website is pay to click earn money, many advertiser promote this website 0.01$ pay the every click  every day task compilate to money is tranfor the pay pall and bank send. minimum pay in 5$ start.


the Gptplanet  is pay to click website same to many websites this are every day task  compilated to earn money with click  this minimum pay in 5$ to start pay pall and bank trasfor.

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this is other pay to click website clixxblue this are cellular to all ptc websites this are some tacks to compilated to earn money minimum pay in 5$ money transfer in py pall and bank transfer. 

see the one case stady the one online big earn ploftfome is the google ad sense to make the goods amount of the money this your together high cpc keywords, best online write articles to related keywords this way your try the best content like every page is 1000 words to make grate post the is are all information the keywords question and the answers to try the new posts.

this way you first create the community based to views coming to your earn the money with your blog, one group of the people are see the every time to your get good amount with the internet, this google ad scenes to make the good work, look the best one is officiate market this ar search the your website add the products list this are good profit buy the every 100 vies 2 people are taken he cprodut this way your earn the good money this to try the top ectomeres company like the amazon, india good amount products like the filikart, mithra, like jiomat this type of the series to coonet earn money.

see the ad sense to earn money is calucatate is your online information blog every day 1000 vives to your get he every month 300000 views coming blog this time to see the cpc cost this meain cost of the ad this deepens the website traffic and user base the ai ads is how the google abscess working  1000 vies to 1$ is give the google, this also cpc to 45 to 100$ earn the one blg this page views canting, cpc high to earn the 500 to 800$ per month .

this also apply the affiliate program this click based to costumer get the product your earn the good amount of the money your blog, sponted post to try the domain authority 30 to based to your earn the per post 100 to 150$ earn the your blog.

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