Monday, September 19, 2022

Sita Ramam movie is OTT release this week

 Sita Ramam movie is OTT release this week 

Sita Ramam movie is OTT release this week

this Sita Ramam movie  good supper hit the theaters people are coming to watch the film,  Sita Ramam movie  old days  romantic and love story 1980 time to people are love in the hero  is milters person is hero of the movie and heroine is village girl based story is running both hero and heroine love in this movie.

Sita Ramam movie movie writer and directed name is H. Raghavapudi , hero name is Dulqer Salmaan, heroine name is  Mrunal Thakur , other popular  name is Rashmika mandanna to best  perfome the doing 100%   well don.  Sita Ramam movie producer name is c..Aswani ,Sita Ramam movie songs lyrics Ananta sriram and other songs is krishnkanth  Sita Ramam movie singers name is s.p charan, and sunitha.

Sita Ramam movie collection and budget

the Sita Ramam movie budget is 25 core rupees, Sita Ramam movie all collations see her theaters in 100 core rupees, audio songs to annapurna studios  and other languages to 2 crore  revan is coming and OTT rite and satellite rates to   taken amazon prime videos 10 core rupees revenue coming to Sita Ramam movie  totall revanu is 112 core for all languages like Telugu Hindi Tamil , Kannada.

Sita Ramam movie OTT amazon prime videos

the Sita Ramam movie is live on stremming in amazon prime videos,  Telugu  language, other language daubed   Hindi Tamil , Kannada. all so see the Sita Ramam movie your miss theaters now the watch on the live on amazon prime videos

the movie sita ramam to first time trawler is relishing time is a very small movie look's very normally movie felling the many people, but the movie is coming the theaters to many people and movie create is very shocking the reviews this movie is 100 core club is the normally movie is very good and day to day people coming to watch the theaters.

the movie hero salmaan is best face to expression to apply every time and most important is the sita ramam movie overly look heroine is mrunal thakur, she well acting best ranking to many movie reviewers this is very best acting, see her she more info this post, she look in this movie is long hair, to glow the very butifull look to impress the story and funs.

mrunal is the 30 years age not maread,  mrunal is the maharashitra state in places is Dhule born 1992,  she  graduate the kc college in places is Mumbai city she first coming to the hindi movies and tv show in the star plus to coming the movie filed, she  zee tv  shows' time to movie offers coming to the first movie is 2014 year is vitti dandu movie is acting the film,  the big hit the Telegu movie is the sita ramam to big hit Comines the 2022 year.

telugu film now the small movie is becomes the hit one of the time, story based and good quality of the audio and video also this sitha rama is back ground the bodar to write leter to impress the hero, the looks very quite the every screen in move, long hair to impress the more young people to watching this movie, now the movie is prime videos see her and enjoy the full movie see now tv also coming the upcoming days.

she every time very traditionally look to see the in sita ramam movie village grille to roll is very good is love story making, the film is coming the amazon prime to see the now prime members, watch online. film supper hit the every one see the prime videos this one see the tv in upcoming days this tv rites is taken he star group, this way see the star maa and  other languages also see the online.

this type of story content movies hit he Telegu movies, movie now the ott tame to good content and impress the all type of te people to becoming to hit the movie, ott in every week 5 movie is coming the every month, this way to people are watching  all movies many stories see the every time this way content of the story is hit movie every time is prove the sita ramam movie watching the prime videos live now look.


the Sita Ramam movie is supper hit the this year one of the small budget movie is fan India range to good rating and 112 core revenue is coming to this amazon prime videos is now live   see her now.

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