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how to make money with youTube earn/make per video per view in India?

  how to make money with youTube earn/make per video per view in India?

youTube to earn money

   now a days make money is big thinks this this time is  YouTube  to make money per view and per video  YouTube is world wide is working, the YouTube video create people are a only google ad scenes  based earn 80 to 90% of the YouTube channels and every one this way time to discoed how to earn the YouTube  other way to make money.

YouTube is best way is Adsense to many YouTubers  monetized to earn money,  paid promotions and affiliate marketing  every YouTube sector wise  many people are asking one question is how much pay per 1000 view in YouTube videos in google adsense ? 

every country is different click per cost is used to the ad sense most impartment is  nich based look like tech, movie, life style based YouTube channels are running the many YouTubers, most qulity videos are post the many YouTubers,

how many type of way ads is show the YouTube videos, the videos starting is one video ad is coming small video is one ad is coming 20 minates of the video to 4 to 6 ads is show the ads in videos pay time many time skip for the video for 1 and 2 min ads this are and small videos like banner 20 to 30 seconds ads is video monetize time is showing now.

 YouTube rules are see now

now this year new YouTube channels create people is see the first  see 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours  to the eligible the google ad sense apply the your YouTube channel , most impartment is content polices is based to create YouTube videos to your channels approve the google ad senses, most follow the ad senses rolls based to create your content most popular to earn more money.

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make money with affiliate Links in YouTube videos

google ad senses  next way is  Affiliate links, YouTube create videos are many category based content videos are post the YouTube  for example is  one YouTube channel is cooking videos are post the regular videos this channels one online affiliate company or affiliate website to something cooking used products/gargets are review and links share the video bellow  to views see and click to buy  products to some amount of commotion is coming the YouTube video creator the affiliate website.

YouTube is the local language is fast improve the growth this quality and best story to impress the YouTuber to fast more vies is coming, stating time to target the best keyword use the google keyword planner this are  use the one people is search the one keyword, this base to target the your video content making.

most imparter is the people dually use video's create the online monthly iers are target is seo based factor this way your get real time the meaning is trading topics secant to video making is real time people search hashtag use to more people to your video show the recommended to many people, 

the your tube is two ways to use the people first one is education way, the second one is entertainment to the use the most of the people, this re your target the which type of the videos create the online this vey fat way to branding the your content, the good ad since to make money and your sponged ads also shred the your vides this way to also earn money, google ads and affricate market to your earn the money.

sponsored post this is now a days many blogger is and YouTube people, use the long tears user to many companies is products and online services is off the this product reviews the are one real example see the one YouTube videos maker earn money the sonder post this called as the gatepost.

the English base the tech YouTube channel is running is one young person is every day is shred the new upcoming and latest videos 1 million subscribers in the YouTube channels, one day  one sonders website to add the YouTube to link the concert and she your product information to send mail the services provider,  with in 24hours to her the provider is reply the product review and one 1 product is send for you mall in 10,000 we paid the video create to your channel, he share the video to the people to make video to making online this way.

her one product is salat the online shopping website to the YouTuber to her channel to shred the review video in the YouTube video bellow content and product affricate link share the discerption, people are see and add the cart to consumer is taken the to some amount is money making this way online is good work and earn money YouTube.

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