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How to Download WhatsApp your pc windows 8/10/11 for free

  How to Download WhatsApp your pc windows 8/10/11 for  free 

How to Download WhatsApp your pc windows 8/10/11 for  free


the online social media the WhatsApp most common people also sued the every day this mobile based android application, this app your fun of the WhatsApp you use the your pc first see the  to your used android WhatsApp is web based to work the you pc.

your install the pc the WhatsApp  we are hep for you, your can do WhatsApp downloaded and install the pc windows 8/10/11  your can use android aps also gaming apps also used this way. this time to start the install WhatsApp your pc see her now.

your open the pc and browser   to google search the  see first page official website to check offers the steps follow now.

Install WhatsApp in your pc or computer 

  1. open the website to download the software in your pc or computer.
  2. run and install the software your pc  add desktop  Icons the Bluestacks.
  3. open the bluestacks app and login the your Gmail account. to use the software.
  4. bluestacks login the account then top search the your escalated app name is enter.
  5.  search bar type the WhatsApp to enter the name  in bluestacks.
  6. see the WhatsApp ions the click to install the button press downloaded the WhatsApp in your pc.
  7. blurstacks software to enter the WhatsApp app account log in your phone number to the use pc .

your follow the WhatsApp rolls and conditions like age 13 year mandatory  your "Accept the terms and more conditions "  your WhatsApp show the enter the mobile number verification the otp send the 6

the your acc the contact lis the your pc WhatsApp this are your Gmail add number to see the all contacts the WhatsApp in pc this are to you find the your used the Gmail contact to the WhatsApp account to share and chat the people also create the Groups the Gmail account number the people follow this methods, 

WhatsApp is install the you pc use the bluestacks  software your also used the all paly store apps in your pc the Gaming apps and many more apps use this methods paly store apps see her bluestacks.


now a days WhatsApp is best way to instant phot and video share the one person to there person, this app is to log in the and android phone WhatsApp is used now we tell install the WhatsApp in pc windows 8/10/11 see her add use the WhatsApp .

look every day is new tech companies are create the best apps this also WhatsApp.  this is two persons create the chat application this are ads free application is first create the time storage problem is found the WhatsApp, this charge the pay of the many century for small amount is charges the WhatsApp this money to storage is problem solve the WhatsApp creators, them free to all people offer the WhatsApp. 

this time to fakebook is big competition the WhatsApp, people are more impress the WhatsApp, this is one is play story king in  five year time to Facebook dell is coming to the market this to total company is taken the WhatsApp  change to fakebook group this three billion dolor to dell completes the WhatsApp. 

the WhatsApp two condition for the Facebook, first one is the every time is WhatsApp board member of the this company, second one is no ads are display the WhatsApp, this two conditions to runing the WhatsApp in Facebook the group name is change the meta bites this company is con of the top chat application the world wide.

WhatsApp is the 120 contrives are working local based languages chat to many people are use the ver easy. one person to other person chat and voice calls and best quality video calls offer the WhatsApp. king of the chat application is one the group chat is 25 people chat one places very high quality videos calls and 1 gd files are share one person to other person.

WhatsApp is link with Facebook messenger  and Instagram this photos and videos share the any time. people are use the one profile to other chat is avelabull your also try the end to end encrypted application to the WhatsApp.  google chat application also create the Gmail chat is people also use the people and skype microsoft  application  more active people used .

WhatsApp online chat business  application create the lunch 2015 year this also many people used, products seller to costumers normally people also use the payments,  upi troth send one person to other person  free to use all services this are pc install your use normally life. 

one example is house wife she use WhatsApp application chat with friends and family members,  many companies are WhatsApp  services give the customers this way she doing works with WhatsApp, like the mobile recharge, dth amount is the pathed WhatsApp application  used  online shopping also doing the best companies products online with WhatsApp.

companies use the business app to services with auto chat fiches this are use WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business also working both apps, some companies is online interviews also conducting the WhatsApp video calls, other century person to one contra person is other century person chat with online through WhatsApp messenger,  world wide vey good and mot of the people use the WhatsApp vey easy, old  days every minute 20 rs charged the telecom companies to big fite the WhatsApp calls , internet is best service give the WhatsApp.

college people are chat is very command for the grille and boys, like Girl friend chute the night time boy friends more use full the the WhatsApp  application, WhatsApp is best install messenger application for the world wide.

finally words:

free to use the WhatsApp application is  working people, city life style persons , wife and husbands, love chat like boy friend and girl friend to use the application in pc also your can use the pc in web to chat the any person in online this use any ware and time.

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