Saturday, September 17, 2022

Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate ?

 Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate  ?

Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate

the India is big E-Commerce companies are large market is create the many year, all so both are Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate  some different commotions is offer the both companies, many category wise best rates is offer the Affiliate program this way consumers is  earn some amount of money.

Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate  rate and cottagey wise good and best rates like one example is android phone is both are   companies  10 to 16% commotion is give the Affiliate program to good amount of money is earn the blogger and social media share to good amount money is earn.

home and kitchen to 10 rate is offer the  Affiliate programs good amount of traffic is your social media to your can get good amount money earn products link share Groups and  you blogging websites 

nich blogging 

this is good traffic is coming the nich blogging to share the Affiliate program link to your can earn high amount like one example kitchen based micro website to lack of traffic is come to the your website and your can start to products review and  services based contents share to more people are click to open he Affiliate link and taken the  product this way to your can get earn extra money.

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social media and create Affiliate products website  

your can partner the Affiliate website gave the tool to get to code to products list and share social media online shopping   relate groups and product link share to people are open to buy the product is earn money, most impartment is traffic create the Affiliate your website earn money.

facebook page like : All Youth Buzz 

this are  three exam pulls to explain the how to work the this total process the online affiliate work, the first one working person is the good number of the people are daily see and direct tack the people this way one day new dress to go the office to many people are very impress the dress to ask the ware is dress buy, the working person is give the answers the online shopping to buy the this best dress, people are ask your one more copy is give the same dress to odder the working person this way he share the affiliate link to the many people.

working people is share the link to the may ways like Group chat other way to products affiliate link share the online to people is click to the affiliate link to open the buys he dress in amount pay the onile to product ,  this work is complete the buy the dress time to affiliate link based the product is buy the people is affiliate person is give the buyer some amount of the money.

second expel is the house wife is the one of the most popular the  snooding areas this way shred chat he online ever time, this way to many new sarees and home application chat in affiliate links share the day to day works, chatting person is affiliate link open to see and some products is like the person to buy the like open,  this affiliate link based to some amount of the money is give the affiliate program provider shred money the house wife earn money online.

college student is boy and grille example see her, the many college friends are follow the one dress makeup to other one,   this way one girl is good dress to coming the college other friends is ask the ware is buy the dress i am also buy the same dress grille,  this grille is share the affiliate link in the product based to in sms the all friends, the friends are buy the products affiliate link to some amount of the money earn the affiliate program.

college buys are methods is very different become the some type like dress in nigh and day based to products, use the boy like the new phones is use the online is buy the every time, think is share very hard baccates the many people is online id use the every day boys target the affiliate work is normally work this way boys are not buy the online products this way affiliate link is share the social media to reach the to boys ideas based to earn the affiliate program.

the online affiliate program to many people is lack of the amount is earn per month, this is india also use the many people to earn the money,  house wife and other people is home based to earn the affiliate program to share link in social media and blog based to YouTube videos making to some other way to reach the many people to earn money the affiliate program.

the India largest shopping sites is amazon and Indian based company is flikart , companies are affiliate programs are running the customer to and refer to ern the money to offer online to common share regular way many people earn money the affiliate program in normal  people also earn the money any technology learn. this way more friends to more money is earn online the affiliate program.

amazon and flipkart present number one, this way your share links identic and trust very easy the normally people  your choice the high commotion product to share links to make money short time high amount of the money earn online.  first create the many friends to affiliate link based to earn .

research the people is what type of the products buy the online and product quality check offers your affiliate link share the your friends to only and offline also, first people use dally life, new products share to many people like and taken the resanabull rate to people taken the product buy online.  your get commination in every product buy your link.

every one earn the  online 13 years age people is apply the affiliate program to refer the friends to link the your share product link open the customer is buy the your shared link, to buy the product is earn good amount of the money in affiliate program large market in India 130 core people are living now this way your online create best more friends to make the money.